The Book: Free Range Chicken Gardens

This is the book that every chicken loving gardener will need!

Reviews are coming in! Check several out here!

Read all about it here: The Timber Press page

You can now order it directly from me & please use the “contact” link above to let me know if you want me to make it out to anyone!

Or you can order it here on Amazon: Free-Range Chicken Gardens: How to Create a Beautiful, Chicken-Friendly Yard

Also be sure to watch this quick trailer for the book – starring my ladies!

2 Responses to The Book: Free Range Chicken Gardens

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  2. Faye Carr says:

    I am a long time small flock chicken keeper with extensive food production gardens and when talking/teaching folks new to the concept of urban homesteading, I discourage book buying. It is often an impediment to actually doing it.

    Your book was on the new book shelf at my local library and almost left it on the shelf. Then I merely flipped through the pages expecting more fancy pants dreaming sort of thing.

    Holey Moley! This is a fantastic book. The basics are covered in an easy to grasp manner, the sidebars and captions are funny (yea!) and useful. USEFUL!

    The stories of folks with remarkable garden/chicken schemes in place are motivating. While it’s obvious that most of them had the hard cash to get set up, just about everything in here is doable on a smaller budget.

    I learned the hard way, this book would have saved me a year or two of stumbling.

    People thought I was crazy to let the chickens into the gardens to help earn their own keep. Thank you for showing how it can best be done.

    Now, I’ve got to copy and paste this review into Amazon, shoo the chickens out of the cucurbit garden, where they are currently feasting on Army worms and Leaf Footed bugs, and get them over to the keyhole compost for some tilling!

    And return the book to the library so the next person can grab it.

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